Enhanced production scheduling for Microsoft Dynamics NAV

The VPS Brings Operational Agility To Dynamics NAV Manufacturing Users


1. 1. Information value: See production orders, production order lines, capacities, capacity utilization, bottlenecks and delivery times at a glance.

2. Decision value: Understand conflicts & dependencies, and take corrective actions with simple drag & drop.

3. Business value: Better resource utilization, stronger delivery time commitments, agile reaction to unplanned changes.



Production Order View

• Data shown by production order sta- tus, production number and work/ machine center that is responsible for the respective operation.


• Focused on the question: Do I manage to finish my production order in time?


• Indicates also resource conflicts.


• Allows interactions, i.e. drag and drop of operations and production orders.


• Typical user roles


• Production planner


• Sales




Resource View

 • Data shown by work and machine centers.


• Focused  on  the  question:  Where  do I have capacity bottlenecks and which
operation do I need to move  to change this?


• Indicates also delivery time conflicts.


• Allows interactions, i.e. drag and drop of operations and production orders.


• Typical user roles


• Production planner



Histogram View

• Data shown by work/ machine centers.


• Focused on capacity bottlenecks. Pro- vides capacity overview at one glance.


• Interactions not allowed.


• Typical user roles


• Production supervisor


• Plant manager


• Production planner




Selected Features


Complete Integration

The Visual Production Scheduler has been completely inte- grated into Microsoft Dynamics NAV as a page applying the Dynamics NAV .NET Framework Interoperability concept. This integration allows for a seamless collaboration of Mi- crosoft Dynamics NAV and the add-in. Double-clicking on production orders for instance opens the production order card, while double-clicking on a work center correspond- ingly opens the work center card.




Itive Visual Scheduling

Move the position of production orders by simple mouse actions – horizontally to modify start and end dates or ver- tically to modify assignments to different work or machine centers. When moving production orders, you can also recognize the capacities of resources, and non-working periods are visually emphasized in the calendar.




Automatic Scheduling of Successors and Predecessors

When operations being part of a production order are moved, the successors and predecessors can be automati- cally shifted with them while at the same time the float time is always minimized. This can be done with both se- quential and parallel operations.




Visualization of BOM (bill-of-material)

Material availability is an important criteria if you intend starting to work on production orders earlier. The VPS supports this decision by a visual representation of the BOM by production order. Even more: you can simulate various start dates for this production order and immedi- ately see the impact of these changes on the material availability.



The Visual Scheduler is divided into three areas:








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