Graphical Project & Resources Planning
for Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Despite the fact that it is common practice precisely in the project management to visualize the project plan with a Gantt chart, Microsoft Dynamics NAV offers no project visualization whatsoever. Although you could export data from Dynamics NAV and use external products to visualize them, that's not the most suitable way since you would have to deal with two applications. Besides, when using this method, it often happens that only project reporting will be realized and not the interactive project planning according to the available capacities.


Those deficits are the gap that the Visual Jobs Scheduler (VJS) for Microsoft Dynamics NAV (2013 R2, 2013) wants to fill: it's an add-in that completely integrates in Microsoft Dynamics NAV, visualizing all job data (jobs, job tasks, job planning lines) from the Jobs module as Gantt chart. Moreover, the VJS not only offers an overview of the jobs but also of the scheduled resources, letting the planner immediately recognize the modifications' effects on the capacity utilization. Drag and drop modifications will be immediately re-written to the Dynamics NAV database if desired.



The VJS Improves Project Planning and Execution & Resource Utilization

1. Information value: View jobs, job tasks, job planning lines and resource utilization at a glance. Interactively define dependencies between job tasks and job planning lines.

2. Decision value: Understand conflicts & dependencies, and take corrective actions with simple drag & drop.

3. Business value: Resource utilization is improved, project execution is streamlined, better reaction to unplanned events.



Jobs View

  • Data shown by job status, jobs, job tasks, job planning lines and resource allocations.
  • Drill down from high-level view to detailed view.
  • Allows interactions, i.e. drag and drop of jobs, jobs tasks and job planning lines.
  • Allows   definition   of   dependencies. If you move e.g. a job task, the subse- quent job tasks are automatically moved.


Resources View

  • Data shown by resource groups and resources.
  • Understand resource utilization and resource conflicts at one glance.
  • Understand also resource utilization for resource groups (“histogram” also on group level).
  • Change resource allocations by mov- ing a job task/ job planning line from one resource to another.



Complete Integration


Fuld integration

The Visual Jobs Scheduler fully integrates in Dynamics NAV as page. After having opened it from the role-tailored department menu, a page within the system will start. This integration ensures the seamless cooperation between Microsoft Dynamics NAV and the add-in. Double-clicking a job task will, for instance, open the card with the corre- sponding job planning lines and double clicking a resource will open the corresponding resource card.



Visual Decision Support in Real-time

The Visual Jobs Scheduler is not just an interactive Gantt chart. Along with the position of jobs, job tasks and job planning lines in terms of time and their allocation to single resources it also shows the respective resource utilization. If moving a job task results in an overload, an optical warn- ing will be given so that you can react immediately. Of course, this happens in real-time.



Interactive Visual Planning

Shift jobs, job tasks and job planning lines and resources by simple mouse actions - no matter whether horizontally (i.e. modification of start and end date) or vertically (i.e. modification of resource allocation).



Define Task & Job Dependencies

There is an obvious gap in the standard functionality of the jobs module: it does not know dependencies between jobs, job tasks and job planning lines. These can get
defined interactively (by painting them!) with the VJS. The respective information get stored in a VJS table. If you move a task, the dependent task will automatically move as well.




The Visual Scheduler is divided into three areas:








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