Interchange Contract:

How to Process Contracts with the Job Queue

Naddon EDI 3.18

Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2018

FAQ version 1.00.



If you want to run an Interchange Contract automatically, then create a Job Queue Entry, with the Interchange Contract ID in the Parameter String.

The value in the Parameter String is used as a filter selecting the Interchange Contract you want to run automatically.


Step by Step guide:

1) Create a new Job Queue Entry



2) Object Type to Run:  Codeunit


3) Object ID to Run:  6078255


4) Object Caption to Run: EDI Interchange Queue Process


5) Description:  Running EDI Contract automatically


6) Parameter String:  Insert a filterstring, that select the Contract you want to run with the Job Queue Enty. If you insert “@*EDIFACT* the Job Queue will process all Contract containing EDIFACT in the Contract ID.


7) Job Queue Category Code: Create a Category named “EDI”.


8) Set the “Earliest Start Date/Time”, “Expiration Date/Time” and the Recurrence for the Job Queue Entry.




- All File paths used by the EDI Contracts, have to be UNC formatted


- The NAV Service-Tier must have permission to access the File Paths, used by the EDI Contracts


- Remove the Notification from the Interchangs Contract, when testing the processing of the Job Queue. When the Job Queue is running without errors, reinsert the notifictions onm the Interchange Contract.




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