Interchange Contract:
Setting up outbound
PDF Documents

Naddon EDI 3.18

Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2018

FAQ version 1.00.



Naddon EDI is not restricted to only sending EDI files, but can also be used to send PDF documents, like Invoices and Credit Memos. This functionality is handled inside the Interchange Contract like all the other types of EDI interchanges.


Step-by-Step Guide:


1. Create e-mail sender information on the EDI Setup Page.


E-mail: E-mailing Codeunit ID:         6078252 “EDI E-mail via SMTP”

E-mail: Send-from E-mail Code:      SENDFROM
                                                                     (Sender information from E-Mail Addresses)

E-mail: E-mail Queue Processing:   Instantly



2. Dynamics NAV SMTP Mail Setup:


Open the SMTP Mail Setup and Insert the appropriate values for your SMTP server.



3. Create a new Interchange Contract


Generel: Inbound/Outbound:                  Outbound

Generel: Sale/Purchase:                             Sale

Objects: Interchange Object No.:            6078270 “EDI PDF Export”

Objects: Completion Object 1 Type:      Codeunit

Objects: Completion Object 1 No. :        6078234 “EDI Standard E-mailing”



Files: File Folder:                  The File Folder where the PDF is placed before atteach to an

Files: Backup File Folder:  The File Folder where the PDF is archived after sending.

Files: File Transfer Type:     E-Mail

Files: File Transfer Code:    NOMAIL

                                                    NOMAIL = E-mail to receive PDF invoices, in the case the
                                                    Customers e-mail is missing.



Outbound: Export Posted Invoices:              Checkmark

Outbound: Export Posted Credti Memos:   Checkmark


Mapping: Map Billing No.:                                 Yes – otherwise Internal=External.

Mapping: Map Ship-to Address Code:          No

Mapping: Map G/L Account No.:                     No

Mapping: Map Item No.:                                    No

Mapping: Map Resource No.:                           No

Mapping: Map Unit of Measure:                      No



4. Create the customers who should receive the PDF invoices on email.

Customer/Vendor:           Customer

Customer/vendor No.     Insert “Customer No.”

Assosiated As                     Generel Customer/Vendor


File Transfer Type             E-Mail (This field is hidden, use Choose Colums to show it)

File Transfer Code            Insert the Code, defining the E-Mail Addresses on the Customer
                                               (This field is hidden, use Choose Colums to show it)



5. E-mail Subject and Body

The Subject and Body in the e-mail is defined in the EDI E-mail text.


When sending EDI files (e.g. PDF invoices) to an E-mail address the parameter %1 will show the filename.



6. When the Interchange Contract is activated the outcome will be:



7. If the “Show File Content” feature is used, the PDF Invoice will appear



8. The E-Mail Entries will provide a log over the processed e-mails




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