Interchange Contract:

Setting up Mail Notification

Naddon EDI 3.18

Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2018

FAQ version 1.00.



The Interchange Contract can send an e-mail notification, when the Interchange Contract have been processed.


This Guide explains how to send notifications e-mails thourgh the Dynamics NAV SMTP setting.


Step-by-Step Guide:

1. Setting the mail sender information


1.1. Open the EDI Setup and the E-mail panel



1.2. Insert Codeunit ID “6078252” in the “E-mailing Codeunit ID” and the “E-mailing Codeunit Name” will show “EDI E-Mail via SMTP”


1.3. Create the Code “SENDFROM” to the “Send from E-mail Code”



1.4. Insert the following values Code: SENDFROM Name: “Company Name” from E-mail E-mail: The Sender e-mail



2. Dynamics NAV SMTP Mail Setup


2.1. Open the SMTP Mail Setup



2.2. Insert the appropriate values for your SMTP server.


3. Interchangce Contract Notification


3.1. Create the receivers of the e-mail notifications



3.1.1. Insert values for the Receivers of the status e-mail, when the interchanges have been processed without errors (Ok) or with Critical Errors (Critical)


3.1.2. In the Text Code field choose the value “STATUSREPORT”


3.1.3. In the Format field choose the value “InBody”



3.2. Insert the Receivers into the Interchange Contract



3.3. Example of E-mail Notification with “Critical Errors”



3.4. Example of E-mail Notification without errors




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