Maintenance Plan

Updated the 18.04.2018


Maintenance General

An active Maintenance Plan, gives acces to upgrades, service paks and hotfixes, based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV standard versions.


With termination of a Maintenance Plan, the customer accept to uninstalle the Naddon modules, before expiration of the Maintenance Period.



Newest versions and supported releases

The matrix shows the newest versions of Naddon EDI and the correspondent versions of Microsoft Dynamics NAV.


*) Naddon EDI for Microsoft Dynamics 2009 SP1/R2 only support the classic client.


Rollup policy:

From Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 and the following versions.


When Microsoft release a new version of Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Naddon will provide a Naddon EDI solution that supports the new Microsoft Dynamics NAV version, shortly after the official “Ready To Market” release (RTM).


Naddon will support selected Cumulative Updates (CU) of Microsoft Dynamics NAV.


- Year 1 and 2: Every third cumulative update:

CU1, CU4, CU7, CU10, CU13, CU16, CU19 and CU22


- Year 3 and 4: Every sixth cumulative update:

CU25, CU 31, CU37 and CU 43


- Year 5: Every twelfth cumulative update:

CU49 and CU60.




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