Streamlining the exchange of electronic documents

Naddon EDI is the tool that streamlines the cooperation between suppliers and customers. The use of EDI reduces time consumption, errors and costs by replacing manual document handling with the electronic exchange of standardized business documents.


EDI exchange of electronic business documents covers the entire trade chain between customer and supplier: Price catalogue – Request for quotation – Quotation – Purchase order – Order confirmation – Delivery note – Invoice – Credit note – Receipts.



  • EDI works with the following formats: EDIFACT, X12, HANCOM, DB/TUN, OIOUBL, XML  CSV.

  • EDI/NAVXML enables the exchange of electronic business documents through an EDI VANS operator that maps NAVXML for the various EDI standards.



Electronic commerce


  • Exchange of commercial documents with customers and suppliers.
  • Exchange of product master data, inventory and pick list with storage hotels (3PL).
  • NAVXML integration with EDI/VANS operators.
  • Internal data exchange with web shops, customer portals, Warehouse Management System (WMS) and Inter Company.
  • Integration with Shipping Agents.
  • Generating PDF files for document workflow solutions.


Interchange document


  • All inputs and outputs of sales and purchase documents are grouped under one user interface.
  • Input documents are displayed in an image designed with heading and lines like Dynamics NAV standard documents, which makes them more easily accessible and recognizable.
  • Documents are entered in draft form although setup/mapping of master data may be missing.
  • Input documents are validated before they are transferred to Dynamics NAV documents.
  • To a large extent, input documents can be edited/corrected before they are transferred to Dynamics NAV documents.



Selected functionality


Interchange contracts

Interchange contracts define which data should be exchanged between customers and suppliers. If the trading partners use different formats, an agreement is set up for each format.



Advanced logging and error handling

Advanced logging through log entries and file / document entries from inputs and outputs provide the history and documentation required to trace input / output files and documents.


The reloading and retrieval of files and documents is managed in a simple and easily understandable way. It is not necessary to move files around to have them reloaded.


Transparency at all levels makes it easy to see/find/correct any missing mappings in input documents. As mappings are created, they are automatically corrected across the documents.





The inbound mapping of customer/supplier/finance/item No. is created automatically the first time an unknown relation is entered. By stating the internal number in the draft document, the relation is created and used henceforward.




EDI NAVXML framework

If you need to work with your own specifications of EDI interchange, the included templates may be freely copied and modified.




Naddon EDI for:

Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017

Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015

Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 R2

Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013

Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 R2

Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 SP1


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